Chester and Katy Hadley are teaching a class called Growing Kids Gods Way. The title of the class pretty much says it all. It is a DVD, work book series by Gary and Ann Marie Ezzo. This class is a 21 week long study sounds long but by the end of it you will be wanting more weeks added. It is such a useful class if you are interested in raising you’re kids the Godly way not the worldly way. We have either been involved in this class or taking this class for about the past 8 years. We strongly recommend it to every parent out there.  This class provides you with all the answers you need on how to parent and raise your kids the Godly, biblical way. It has useful tactics that you apply and try out every week. It teaches you how to deal with whinny kids, the kids that won’t listen, the kids that act out, kids throwing a fit. You name it it’s in the teaching. If you are interested in this class please feel free to text or call me at (702)423-2601. Or email me at and I can answer question you have and give you our house location. We would love to have you join our class. First teaching class is 10/19 from 6:00pm-8:30pm at our home. Childcare is provided downstairs at our house and we will be taking turns making meals so dinner is provided as well. Hope to see you there.